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The History Department at the University of Central Florida offers students an excellent opportunity to cultivate analytical, reading, and writing skills while enhancing their knowledge of history and its role in today's society. Students interested in the professions of law, education, library sciences, public history, international affairs, and public policy will find in history a valuable and rewarding learning experience. The UCF History Department is also home to the Florida Historical Quarterly.

Public History

The Department of History is expanding its Public History program to focus on new media and cultural heritage management—areas that build on the strength of UCF's location in the greater Orlando metropolitan area. Our first priority is to bring new energy to our M.A. program by turning our public history track into a stand-alone master's degree. In addition, we are infusing our undergraduate program with hands-on, publicly engaged research opportunities. [Read More]

A Great Minor for History Students

The Middle Eastern Studies Minor at UCF is a great option for history students who have an interest in international affairs. Students who are interested in marketing themselves for international companies or graduate school would greatly benefit from minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. The minor has no prerequisite and only 18 credit hours to complete. For more information, please explore the Middle Eastern Studies Department page or contact Dr. Hakan Ozoglu at hakan@ucf.edu.

Civil Rights Programming

From Fall 2013-Fall 2016, the Public History Center will present programming on the civil rights movement, focusing on themes such as equality under the law and the power of the individual to make change.
Civil Rights Programming at the Public History Center


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May 19, 2016

City of Orlando Proclamation WHEREAS, generally regarded as the "Dean of the Florida historians," Jerrell H. Shofner was born in Haslet, Texas on January 30, 1929, and came to Florida by way of the United States Air Force; and WHEREAS, he attended Florida State University, where he received his Ph. [Read More]

April 13, 2016

photoPreserving the legacy of Dr. Thomas Greenhaw, The Dr. Thomas Greenhaw History Scholarship was awarded to Porsha Dossie and John Grande during the Annual Pauley Speaker Series on Global Affairs. The scholarship is a worthy monument to preserve the historical legacy of Dr. [Read More]

April 12, 2016

photoA History of Central Florida won the 2016 Hampton Dunn Internet Award for best media project concerning Florida history. A History of Central Florida is a podcast produced by UCF's Regional Initiative for Collection the History, Experiences and Stories of Central Florida. [Read More]

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Recent Faculty Publications

Luis Martínez-Fernández, Ph.D.

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Revolutionary Cuba: A History. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2014; eBook edition by Florida Scholarship Online, 2015; updated paperback edition, 2016.

Amelia Lyons, Ph.D.

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