Faculty and Staff


Peter Larson
Department Chair
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England; social and economic history; legal history.


Michelle Adams
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U.S. History...
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration, Early Modern German History, Public H...
Wayne H. Bowen
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Cassanello
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Social History, Southern History, Race, Gender, Historiography, Museum Studies, Exhibition...
Caroline Cheong
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Historic preservation, urban regeneration, poverty, Global South...
James Clark
Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Florida History, U.S. South, Presidential History....
Robert Clarke
Adjunct T&T Graduate Teaching Associate
Edward Dandrow
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Greek and Roman History and Culture; World History; Ancient Warfare; Ethnic Identity and S...
Amy Darty
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: American History; Medieval Worlds; Science and Technology History; Anthropology; Digital H...
Tiffany Earley-Spadoni
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Ancient Near East, Digital History, Landscape Archaeology, Geospatial Technologies...
Patricia Farless
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U. S. History--19th Century, Constitutional, Legal, Gender...
Amy E. Foster
Associate Professor
Research Interests: US Space History, History of Science and Technology, Gender and Technology, History of Med...
Scot A. French
Director of Public History
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital and Public History; Community Studies/Local Knowledge; Sites of Memory; Southern H...
Barbara Gannon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Veterans; U.S. Military History before 1900; Civil War; Memory...
Fon L Gordon
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Africana Studies
Research Interests: African-American History and American Car Culture....
Kenneth Hanson
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Judaic Studies
Duncan Hardy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Early Modern Europe; Late Medieval Europe; Reformation History; Political History; German ...
David Head
Research Interests: American Revolution, Early American Republic, Atlantic World, Maritime History, Pirates an...
Connie L. Lester
Editor of the Florida Historical Quarterly
Director of RICHES
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern South, agricultural, environmental and economic history...
Amelia Lyons
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern Europe, French and French Colonial History, Decolonization, Women's History, Gender...
Luis Martínez-Fernández
Research Interests: Latin America, the Caribbean, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Latinos in the United States, Higher E...
Daniel Murphree
Assistant Editor Florida Historical Quarterly
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Florida History, Native American History, Early American Borderlands, SoTL...
Deirdre O'Shea
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U.S. & European History...
Hakan Özoğlu
Director of Middle Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Islamic/Middle Eastern History...
Yovanna Pineda
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Research Interests: History of Latin America (Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries); History of Argentina; Indus...
John M. Sacher
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Civil War, US South, 19th Century Politics...
Amanda J. Snyder
Research Interests: Atlantic World, piracy, crime and identity in the early modern world, frontiers and border...
Vladimir Solonari
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Russian History, Eastern Europe, Holocaust...
Ezekiel Walker
Associate Professor
Research Interests: African & World History...
Lori C. Walters
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital History (Virtual and Augmented Reality & Laser Scanning), Post World War II US Po...
Hong Zhang
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern China, Women in China, Urban Transformation, and Modern History of Tianjin...

Graduate Assistant

David Morton
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Sira Ambrosecchia
Administrative Services Coordinator
Bryce Jackson
College IT Manager
Research Interests: Information Science; Usability; Dynamism; Hypertext; XML; Semantic Web; Wikis; Digital Spa...
Tiffany Rivera
Assistant Director of Educational and Training Programs