Why Study History?


Why Study History?A degree in History…

  • Develops the mind and sparks a capacity for critical evaluation
  • Teaches the process of historical inquiry- the selection of data, the assembling or ordering of information in systematic fashion and the development of testing ideas
  • Allows us to understand the past and present because it explores the full range of human thought and behavior in a systematic way
  • Offers each person an invaluable opportunity to sharpen perceptions of the past, of life, of reality, and of the world in which we live
  • Helps expand one’s understanding of others as well as of one’s self

Career Opportunities with a History Degree

A history degree is only limited by your imagination. A history degree gives you the tools needed to excel in today’s market. In addition to learning valuable research and writing skills, our students gain analytical skills, communication skills, and become goal-focused.

As a History major you have a door open to many exciting and fulfilling career opportunities including:

  • Archiving
  • Museum Administration
  • Law
  • Diplomacy
  • International Affairs
  • Libraries
  • Historical Associations
  • Government Administration
  • History Education
  • Research
  • Publishing & Editing
  • Journalism & News Reporting
  • Politics

See more careers in History on the American Historical Association website.

Why should you study history?

“Why would anyone not choose history? It’s endlessly fascinating.” -Dr. Fon Gordon, UCF Associate Professor

“My History B.A. training has proven valuable to my job.” -Katrina Quinn, UCF Alumnus

“The possibilities are endless, the people you meet and the opportunities you get are amazing.” -Dr. James Clark, UCF Lecturer

More Reasons to Study History: