• A History of Central Florida

    A History of Central Florida is a podcast series that examines the history of central Florida through local area objects found in museums, historical organizations and other places. This award-winning series was created by Dr. Robert Cassanello and UCF students.

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  • The Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast

    The Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Project is part of a digital initiative within the Florida Historical Quarterly (FHQ). The podcast is produced by Dr. Daniel Murphree. The FHQ podcasts provide listeners with insight on the content published in the Florida Historical Quarterly and the authors and others who help create it. The Florida Historical Quarterly is the academic, peer-reviewed journal published four times per year by the Florida Historical Society in cooperation with the Department of History at the University of Central Florida. The FHQ promotes scholarly research on a wide variety of topics related to Florida history. Dr. Connie Lester has been the editor since 2005.

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  • History KnightsCast

    Produced by the UCF History Department, KnightsCast features interviews with historians about their research and history in the news.


  • RICHES Podcast Documentaries

    RICHES Podcast Documentaries are short form narrative documentaries that explore Central Florida history and are locally produced. These podcasts involve the participation or cooperation of local area partners.


  • RICHES Oral Histories

    Oral histories contributed to RICHES of Central Florida from various institutions, including the UCF Public History Center and the Museum of Seminole County History.


  • Florida Constitution

    In 2018, we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the current Florida Constitution. This podcast series looks back at all the Constitutions in Florida, starting with the first Florida Constitution, drafted in 1838. These interviews were recorded at the 2018 annual meeting of the Florida Conference of Historians. The daylong sessions examined each of the Florida Constitutions and discussed how they addressed the concerns of their time. The sessions took place at the old Senate Chamber in the Florida Historic Capitol Museum in Tallahassee.


  • From Assistant Professor of History David Head: