Faculty and Staff


Peter Larson
Department Chair
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England; social and economic history; legal history.


Michelle Adams
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U.S. History...
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration, Early Modern German History, Public H...
Wayne H. Bowen
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Cassanello
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Social History, Southern History, Race, Gender, Historiography, Museum Studies, Exhibition...
Caroline Cheong
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Historic preservation, urban regeneration, poverty, Global South...
James Clark
Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Florida History, U.S. South, Presidential History....
Robert Clarke
Adjunct T&T Graduate Teaching Associate
Research Interests: American History, Digital Humanities, Sound Studies, Appalachian History, Native American ...
Edward Dandrow
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Greek and Roman History and Culture; World History; Ancient Warfare; Ethnic Identity and S...
Amy Darty
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: American History; Medieval Worlds; Science and Technology History; Anthropology; Digital H...
Tiffany Earley-Spadoni
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Ancient Near East, Digital History, Landscape Archaeology, Geospatial Technologies...
Patricia Farless
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U. S. History--19th Century, Constitutional, Legal, Gender...
Amy E. Foster
Associate Professor
Research Interests: US Space History, History of Science and Technology, Gender and Technology, History of Med...
Scot A. French
Director of Public History
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital and Public History; Community Studies/Local Knowledge; Sites of Memory; Southern H...
Barbara Gannon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Veterans; U.S. Military History before 1900; Civil War; Memory...
Fon L Gordon
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Africana Studies
Research Interests: African-American History and American Car Culture....
Philip David Handyside
Research Interests: The Crusades and the Latin East Medieval cultural interactions Old French histories ...
Kenneth Hanson
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Judaic Studies
Duncan Hardy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Early Modern Europe; Late Medieval Europe; Reformation History; Political History; German ...
Donald Harrell
Research Interests: African Diasporic Studies, African Ethnomusicology, African Studies, African Visual and Pe...
David Head
Research Interests: American Revolution, Early American Republic, Atlantic World, Maritime History, Pirates an...
Alison Hudson
Research Interests: Medieval history, religious history, monastic history, history of the book, medieval manus...
Tadashi Ishikawa
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Modern Japan and East Asia, Gender History, Empire and Colonialism, Law and Society ...
Connie L. Lester
Editor of the Florida Historical Quarterly
Director of RICHES
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern South, agricultural, environmental and economic history...
Amelia Lyons
Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern Europe, French and French Colonial History, Decolonization, Women's History, Gender...
Luis Martínez-Fernández
Research Interests: Latin America, the Caribbean, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Latinos in the United States, Higher E...
David Morton
Adjunct T&T Graduate Teaching Associate
Daniel Murphree
Assistant Editor Florida Historical Quarterly
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Florida History, Native American History, Early American Borderlands, SoTL...
Deirdre O'Shea
Associate Instructor
Research Interests: U.S. & European History...
Hakan Özoğlu
Director of Middle Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Islamic/Middle Eastern History...
Yovanna Pineda
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Research Interests: History of Latin America (Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries); History of Argentina; Indus...
John M. Sacher
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Civil War, US South, 19th Century Politics...
Amanda J. Snyder
Research Interests: Atlantic World, piracy, crime and identity in the early modern world, frontiers and border...
Vladimir Solonari
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Russian History, Eastern Europe, Holocaust...
Ezekiel Walker
Associate Professor
Research Interests: African & World History...
Lori C. Walters
Research Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital History (Virtual and Augmented Reality & Laser Scanning), Post World War II US Po...
Hong Zhang
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern China, Women in China, and Modern History of Tianjin...


Sira Ambrosecchia
Administrative Coordinator II
Kayla Campana
Administrative Assistant I
Landon Canida
Administrative Assistant I
Tiffany Rivera
Program Coordinator of Educational and Training Programs