Luis Martínez-Fernández

Luis Martínez-Fernández, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Latin American History from Duke University (1990)
  • M.A. in History from University of Puerto Rico (1985)
  • B.A. in History from University of Puerto Rico (1982)

Research Interests

Latin America, the Caribbean, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Latinos in the United States, Higher Education

Recent Research Activities

Working on a books series tentatively entitled "Windows to the Past: Latin America and the Caribbean."

Selected Publications


  • Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba, Gainesville: University of Florida Press, 2018.
  • Revolutionary Cuba: A History. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2014; eBook edition by Florida Scholarship Online, 2015; updated paperback edition, 2016.
  • Frontiers, Plantations, and Walled Cities: Essays on Society, Culture, and Politics in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1800-1945. Princeton, NJ: Markus Wiener Publishers, 2010.
  • Encyclopedia of Cuba: People, History, Culture. Co-edited with Louis A. Pérez, Jr., D.H. Figueredo, and Luis González. 2 vols. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003. Served as Senior Editor and authored the Introduction and fifty-three entries.
  • Protestantism and Political Conflict in the Nineteenth-Century Hispanic Caribbean. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2002.
  • Fighting Slavery in the Caribbean: The Life and Times of a British Family in Nineteenth-Century Havana. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe Publishers, 1998; reissued by Routledge as ebook, 2014.
  • Torn between Empires: Economy, Society, and Patterns of Political Thought in the Hispanic Caribbean, 1840-1878. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1994; reprint 2012.
  • Historia de Puerto Rico: cuaderno de ejercicios y actividades. (4 eds.), San Juan: Editorial Librotex/Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas, 1986-1993.
  • El Partido Nuevo Progresista: trayectoria hacia el poder y orígenes sociales de sus fundadores, 1967-1968. Río Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1986.

Edited Editions

  • Editor and author of "Introduction: The Many Lives and Times of Humboldts Political Essay on the Island of Cuba inAlexander von Humboldt, The Island of Cuba: A Political Essay. Princeton, NJ: Markus Wiener, 2001, 1-18.


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  • "El anexionismo dominicano y la lucha entre imperios durante la Primera República, 1844-1861." Revista/Review Interamericana 22:1-2 (Spring-Summer 1992), 168-190.

Book Sections/Chapters

  • Forthcoming “The Greater Caribbean.” Chapter in The History of America and the World. Series Ed. Mark Bradley (New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming in 2020).
  • “Preface to the Paperback Edition: A Necessary Revisit.” In Revolutionary Cuba: A History. Paperback edition. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2016.
  • "Sugar and Revolution: Cuba 1952-2002." Chapter in Handbook on Cuban History, Literature and the Arts: New Perspectives on Historical and Contemporary Social Change. Eds. Mauricio Font and Araceli Tinajero. Boulder, CO, Paradigm Publishers, 2014, 65-78.
  • "Rise of the American Mediterranean." Chapter in The Caribbean: A History of the Region and ItsPeople. Eds. Stephan Palmié and Francisco Scarano. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011, 303-316.
  • "The Cuban Revolution." Chapter in A Companion to Latin American History. Ed. Thomas H. Holloway. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishers, 2007, 365-385.
  • "The Forging of Creole Cuba: Race, Gender and Society in the Sixteenth-Century," Chapter in Caribe/Caribes: Criollización y Procesos de Cambio. Ed. Josef Opartrný. Prague, Editorial Karolinum, 2006, 49-63.
  • "La frontera y la plantación: reflexiones sobre dos claves para empezar a entender las culturas cubana y caribeña." Cuaderno no. 9 of the Association of European Historians of Latin America (AHILA): Visitando la isla: temas de historia de Cuba. Eds. Josef Opatrný and Consuelo Naranjo Orovio. Madrid/Frankfurt: AHILA/Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 2002, 149-159.
  • "El '98 antes del '98: el expansionismo norteamericano en el Caribe Hispano durante la segunda mitad del siglo XIX." Article in 1898: enfoques y perspectivas. Ed. Luis González Vales. San Juan: Academia Puertorriqueña de la Historia, 1997, 381-401.
  • "La Fortaleza y la Ciudadela: la transformación del Senado y de la política puertorriqueña durante la administración de Luis A. Ferré, 1969-1972." Chapter in: Senado de Puerto Rico, Senado de Puerto Rico, 1917-1992: ensayos de historia institucional. San Juan: Senado, 1992, 239-267.

Miscellaneous Publications

  • "Introduction and Users' Guide" Archives of the Presbyterian Church in Cuba. Brill Online Sources, 2015
  • "Faith in Cuba: Protestantism." Entry in Cuba. Ed. Alan West-Durán. Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribners Sons, 2011.
  • "Bay of Pigs." Entry in Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, 2nd ed. Detroit: Gale, 2008.
  • "The Cuban Revolution." Entry in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World. Ed. Peter N. Steams. 4 vols. New York, 2008.
  • "Puerto Rico in the Whirlwind of 1898: Conflict, Continuity, and Change." Magazine of History 12:3 (Spring 1998), 24-29.
  • "Dominican Republic." Entry in The Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations. 4 vols. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997, vol. II, 27-32.


Research Incentive Award

UCF Competitive Sabbatical Award, 2017-2018.

UCF Research Incentive Award, 2017.

UCF Scroll and Quill Honor Society, member, 2016- .

Honorable Mention, International Latino Book Awards for Revolutionary Cuba, Best History Books in English category, June 2015.

Featured author, Miami Book Fair International, November 2014.

El Josco Education Award, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, October 2013.

Finalist, Quijote Award for Excellence, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Orlando, 2005.

Best of Reference award by the New York Public Library, Encyclopedia of Cuba, 2004.

Best Reference Source awarded to Encyclopedia of Cuba by Library Journal, 2003.

Booklist Editors’ Choice, Encyclopedia of Cuba among best reference books, 2003.


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